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Mendelssohn House

Mendelssohn House; photo: LTM-Schmidt

This late-classical building in Goldschmidtstraße 12 houses the only Mendelssohn museum in the world. The composer lived here from 1835 until his death in 1847. His study and the salon where Wagner, Schumann and Berlioz also came to visit have been faithfully restored and house many treasures. Just as in Mendelssohn's time, concert matinées are still held today in the renovated music salon. The Sunday concerts (weekly at 11 am) in the Mendelssohn family music room are a real treat for the ears!

On Mendelssohn’s birthday, February 3, 2014, the new, extended Mendelssohn House reopened in Leipzig with a completely new floor. New interactive features include an "Effektorium" - a conductor‘s podium to conduct a virtual orchestra. A library with audio and video material rounds off this new and vivid museum concept.