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Light Festival Augustusplatz; Photo: LTM-Brzoska

Tracing the Peaceful Revolution

Monday demonstration on 27th November 1989; Foto: LTM Kühne        Kühne
Autumn '89: the images of the prayers for peace in St. Nicholas Church and the Monday demonstrations on the inner city ring road were flashed around the world.

The decisive day for the Peaceful Revolution was 9th October 1989 in Leipzig, when 70,000 demonstrators toppled the SED regime with cries of "We are the people!" and "No violence!"

This was a moment when a piece of national history was written in Leipzig, opening the way to a reunited Germany.

On the night of 9th-10th November 1989, the Berlin Wall fell.

Monuments, Museums and Locations of the Peaceful Revolution

All year round, visitors can follow in the traces of the Peaceful Revolution and visit authentic sites, e. g. the Stasi museum: The building where for 40 years the Stasi secret police had its headquarters for the district of Leipzig now houses the “Runde Ecke” Memorial Museum. Right in the former offices of the Stasi employees, you can now inform yourself about Stasi's function, methods and history. Here history is visible and palpable.

The Forum of Contemporary History Leipzig’s interactive exhibition illustrates the history of division and unification, dictatorship and resistance in the Soviet occupied zone and the GDR.