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Welcome to the press portal of Leipzig Tourismus und Marketing GmbH.

In our portal we provide information for the press and media. We would like to offer journalists and editorial offices assistance with their travel reports about Leipzig.

You can find press releases, general press texts in various languages as well as our photo archives with more than 2,000 pictures for download.

Further ideas and inspiration for your research are offered in our social networks; e.g. you will find relevant and up-to-date posts with attractive pictures on Facebook und Pinterest.


Leipzig Tourismus und Marketing GmbH

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Head of International PR Tourism
Augustusplatz 9
D-04109 Leipzig
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Press Service

Communication plays a major role in tourism. Leipzig Tourism and Marketing attaches particular importance to continuous, vigorous and transparent press and PR work. This includes an extensive press service for journalists and travel agents.

Research assistance
The Press Office will be happy to provide you with material on virtually all topics connected with Leipzig. As there is a lot going on in the city, we always keep our eyes and ears open to make sure that we can give you the latest trends and advice.

Press texts
The latest press releases and figures can be downloaded from our Press Portal. The press releases are complemented by a large number of standard texts on Leipzig for your research. There is also a series of texts on important people who lived and worked in Leipzig as well as on individual sights.

Photo Archive

A picture says more than 1,000 words! Following this age-old adage, our Photo Archive contains plenty of images of Leipzig which can be used to help enhance your articles or travel brochures. Please make sure you quote the source when publishing these photos. Note that these photographs may not be used for purely commercial purposes (such as postcards, posters, CD-ROMs or illustrated books etc.). Should you wish to use photographs from the Photo Archive for such purposes, please contact the photographer concerned in order to clarify payment (the photographers' addresses are also contained in the Photo Archive).

Foreign-language press texts

In addition to German texts, we also offer internationally relevant press texts in English. Some of the standard texts on Leipzig have also been translated into French, Italian, Dutch and other languages, and can be downloaded.

Mailing list

If you wish to receive our press releases automatically, we will be happy to place you on our mailing list. Please give us your complete address, the editorial department you work for and the topics you are particularly interested in.